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KIMSSEA Construction to Continue After Break for COVID-19

KIMSSEA Construction to Continue After Break for COVID-19
KIMSSEA Team | November 30, 2020

While construction on the KIMSSEA site was progressing at an excellent pace, we made the decision to temporarily halt construction in Spring of 2020. Although the Kenyan government’s early adoption of stringent physical distancing protocol has done well to limit the spread of the virus relative to other countries of similar size, we value the safety and wellbeing of our local employees above all else and felt that a temporary pause in construction was the safest decision.

As such, the KIMSSEA leadership and staff have since diverted resources and manpower to fighting COVID-19 and building on other aspects of KIMSSEA programming and initiatives. However, we have received word from our local contractors that they are ready and eager to safely resume construction.

To offset the cost of shutting down, KIMSSEA and Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) have launched a holiday gifting campaign to kickstart KIMSSEA construction. Every gift of $30 or more from now until December 11th will receive a gift in return - access to Tom Jackson’s Huron Carole virtual concert on December 13th, 2020, as well as a digital gift bag with exclusive online discount codes to thoughtful Canadian businesses.

Donations received during our holiday fundraiser will be used to buy bricks, purchase kilns, build walls and pay local wages. We anticipate our site will be operational and ready to accept resident entrepreneurs by the Spring of 2021.

For more information on the campaign’s gifting tiers or to donate online, please visit our KIMSSEA Holiday Fundraiser page!