Our Story

Our journey to KIMSSEA began in 2007 at the University of Alberta, Canada, when two humanitarians, Dr. Abdullah Saleh and Dr. Abraam Isaac, united over their shared commitment to serving the global community.


While immersing themselves in complex issues in Kenya related to digital health, health policy, and clean water availability, humanitarian innovators from Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) came face to face with many vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. While communities in isolated rural towns, population-dense urban informal settlements, and ephemeral refugee camps faced many social and health disparities, the ICChange team observed incredible potential in their resilience.

Having to innovate every day for survival and subsistence, vulnerable people living in these communities display an incredible and unique entrepreneurial mindset that is largely ignored by traditional notions of development and aid.


Wanting to uphold and advance values of understanding, valuing, and empowering local knowledge, the Kenya Innovative Manufacturing Space and Social Entrepreneurship Academy (KIMSSEA) was envisioned as a way to uplift and support East Africans to improve their own communities.

Equipped with access to a start-up incubation program complete with expert mentorship and an innovative manufacturing space for prototyping and mass-producing technologies, entrepreneurial innovators will be thoroughly supported and amplified at KIMSSEA.


In advance of our first cohort of innovators, the KIMSSEA family has grown to include partners with whom we are collaborating to bring our vision to reality.

CeraMaji, a social enterprise that provided 140,000 Kenyans with clean drinking water with an innovative water filter, is the first tenant of our manufacturing space where they will exponentially increase their manufacturing capacity.

Morphosis Architecture and Design is the official architectural partner for KIMSSEA and a key mentor and leading partner for our Affordable Housing portfolio.


As construction of the KIMSSEA campus approaches completion in Q1 of 2021, we are excitedly looking forward to realizing our vision by growing our team and seeking out partners, investors to support the launch of our first phase of our operations.

Firmly committed to advancing social good and economic prosperity in East Africa, KIMSSEA is preparing to hit the ground running with the manufacturing of high-impact technologies that advance communities in our 5 portfolio streams - Health & Wellness, Food Security, Affordable Housing, Water & Sanitation and Energy Security.