How can we reduce the high prevalence of diarrheal illness in children under 5 years in Kenya? Ceramaji is a social enterprise that answered this question with a safe, affordable, and tamper-proof point-of-use ceramic water filter.

140,000 East Africans provided with safe clean drinking water.

CeraMaji is a social enterprise located in Kenya and is the first tenant of the Kenya Innovative Manufacturing Space & Social Entrepreneurship Academy's (KIMSSEA) manufacturing facility. Founded as a way to decrease the amount of preventable deaths to waterborne, diarrheal illness among children in East Africa, CeraMaji has successfully created an innovative and ultra-low cost ceramic water filter that produces clean water and removes 99% of pathogens.

Their simple yet elegant design makes use of readily available clay to filter water of impurities and an innovative silver colloid lining to confer antibacterial properties to their CeraMaji Water Filter, each of which can supply an entire family with potable water for 2-3 years. In addition to the health benefits of reduces waterborne illness, CeraMaji filters also greatly decrease the opportunity cost of travelling long distances to seek out water for hygiene, cooking, and domestic tasks. Furthermore, CeraMaji filters greatly reduce the need for boiling water by burning fuels such as kerosene, thereby offsetting the carbon footprint of heating and the consequences of breathing fumes from dirty fuel to one’s respiratory health.

At KIMSSEA, CeraMaji is excited to undergo significant business development. With access to KIMSSEA’s manufacturing space, CeraMaji projects increasing its water filter production capabilities to 5000 filters per month, rapidly providing thousands of East Africans with clean access to clean water. As an established social enterprise, the CeraMaji team is also incredibly excited to share their expertise and experience with fellow KIMSSEA participants.

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