The Kenya Innovative Manufacturing Space & Social Entrepreneurship Academy (KIMSSEA) provides a distinctive manufacturing and leadership development site, where entrepreneurial innovators from low-income communities develop their own sustainable solutions to the most pressing challenges they face.

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Who We Are

We’re a collaborative network of passionate global citizens committed to empowering innovators and social entrepreneurs from low-income, marginalized communities.

The entrepreneurs and innovators that live and work in these communities are driven to find long term, sustainable solutions to the complex problems and challenges they face. However, these innovators are often underrepresented and poorly understood by most external bodies, and are treated with skepticism, financially under-resourced and lack access to programs designed to grow their innovations. The Kenya Innovative Manufacturing Space & Social Entrepreneurship Academy (KIMSSEA) is designed to overcome these hurdles, and bring the ideas, products and services of local innovators market.

KIMSSEA combines an established innovation ecosystem with a light manufacturing space and social entrepreneurship academy. This combination allows for the design, development, promotion and implementation of breakthrough innovations for the benefit of the local economy and beyond.


KIMSSEA is a collaborative network of humanitarians focused on empowering a talent pool of inspiring innovators and social entrepreneurs from low-income, marginalized communities with a manufacturing space and programs designed to develop local businesses and leadership.


Transform slums and refugee camps into flourishing, self-sustaining communities, in collaboration with the creative minds and problem solvers that live and work within.


Community Prosperity | Sustainable Solutions | Humour when faced with adversity | Humility when achieving success | Striving for excellence because we want to create a better world for all

Our Innovation EcoSystem

KIMSSEA was built to give innovators and entrepreneurs the manufacturing space and resources needed to solve the most pressing problems they face, turning their ideas into reality by bringing their products and services to market. We have brought together our network of partners, mentors and entrepreneurs to work in collaboration, share resources and dispense knowledge that will empower the next generation of East Africans to create sustainable jobs and greater economic stability in their communities and beyond.


kimssea partner innovative canadians for change icchange logo

Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) is a global, collaborative social enterprise that develops and implements sustainable and scalable solutions that positively impact the security and well-being of those who need it most.

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Morphosis Design + Architecture is a multidisciplinary architectural and design firm with a focus on the development of quality, authentic and contemporary African 'Creative Spaces'.


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Challenge Dialogue is a flexible but comprehensive organizational performance improvement and transformation system with a proven capability for helping stakeholders and diverse groups to both collaborate and innovate to accomplish complex tasks for change and transformation.


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CeraMaji is a social enterprise located in Kenya and is the first tenant of KIMSSEAs manufacturing facility. CeraMaji has successfully created an innovative and ultra-low cost ceramic water filter that produces clean water and removes 99% of pathogens, ensuring clean drinking water for thousands of local East Africans.


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Our Story

Our journey to KIMSSEA began in 2007 at the University of Alberta, Canada, when two humanitarians, Dr. Abdullah Saleh and Dr. Abraam Isaac, united over their shared commitment to serving the global community.

Our Community

We're a collaborative, global network of more than 500 project managers, doctors, healthcare professionals, and management and technology consultants that is continually expanding, evolving and adapting our methods to creating a more inclusive and sustainable environment for all.